The EarthMaster VX90

The EarthMaster VX90 4WD

Breaking the mould in earthmoving equipment

When Mahindra set out to build the Earthmaster VX90 4WD our goal was to break the mould by offering a durable, high-quality machine that will maximise uptime and productivity while minimising operating costs.

Built to withstand the intense demands of South Africa’s construction sector, where rugged landscapes and extreme temperatures are the norm, it can run continuously without overheating in all climates – having proven its abilities at temperatures ranging from 50°C to below zero.


Highly efficient DITEC engine

Robust & powerful

The robust DITEC engine offers both best-in-class fuel efficiency (4,5 – 5 litres per hour*) and infrequent oil changes to keep downtime to a minimum through its direct injection (DI) system combined with a turbocharger and intercooler.

* According to the approved independent agency, under manufacturer standard PER/VEH/21, certified at 1,450 RPM.

What you need to know:

58.8kW engine offers power and torque at low revs

Compact and efficient with 10% more fuel savings*

Low noise and vibration from the engine

BS III and USA Tier III emissions compliant

* When compared to a standard excavation cycle.


Created for all conditions − built to last

The SX80 and VX90 are built to deliver robust performance and years of trouble-free service.

High-grade steel for high strength

to withstand the stressors associated with the TLB’s demanding workload.

CED rust prevention coating

is used to treat the cabin – a special coating used in passenger cars.

High-performance glossy coating

made of polyurethane improves rust resistance across major components.

Dust and water-proof

switches and connectors prevent malfunctions and reduce unplanned maintenance.

Car-like comfort to reduce fatigue

The cabin design features and controls allow for many hours of continuous operation with minimal fatigue

Ergonomically-designed consoles with easy-to-read front and side instrument clusters.

Excellent all-round visibility from the cabin, even in poor light conditions.

Hand and foot controls within easy reach for operators of all sizes.

Corrugated roof for better heat dissipation. ROPS/FOPS compliant as per international standards.

Storage area for personal items, a tool box for safe storage.


Superior performance for greater productivity

EarthMasters are designed to give that extra advantage in all tasks, so you can get more done in a day and meet your project deadlines.

Banana boom with 7% more reach*
Larger excavator bucket
Reliable hydraulic pumps ensure low maintenance
Maximum dig depth of 4947mm**
Loader dump height of 2715mm
Maximum load over height (loader): 3267mm

* When compared to a standard excavation cycle.

** Value measured under specific measuring conditions.


Low maintenance to
save costs

Our TLBs require less oil than similar earthmovers, for considerable maintenance savings in the long run.

Available options

The 6-in-1 bucket is available to order to assist in handling bigger loads and diverse applications.

Technical specs for 6-in-1 bucket:

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